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Wednesday, November 2, 2016 5:07:34 PM UTC
The fear of NAFTA collapse could be as big a problem as any future collapse itself
Uncertainty about negotiations – and the volatility of presidential comments – are likely to increase in 2018, further damping enthusiasm for investment.
Bombardier, union launch contract negotiations early amid planned Downsview sale
In addition to hundreds of unionized Unifor workers whose collective agreement expires in June, the Ontario and Canadian governments have significant stakes in the Toronto site
After its shopping spree at U.S. luxury retailer Neiman Marcus, CPPIB is left holding the bag
Rating agencies have suggested a balance-sheet restructuring is inevitable. Depending on the severity, it could ultimately wipe out CPPIB's $690-million equity investment
Vegetable growers convert to cannabis to help boost margins
Ahead of Canada’s legalization of recreational marijuana, a slew of partnerships are cropping up betwween greenhouse farms and medical cannabis companies.
‘Fiscal conflict’: What U.S. shutdown could mean for stocks, U.S. and Canadian dollars
What history tells us about equities, currencies during Washington stalemates